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“Earth has lost a third of arable land in past 40 years”

The Guardian

“The world faces widespread food shortages due to global warming”

Daily Mail

“Foodborne diseases are second biggest global public health threats in the 21st century”

World Health Organization

With current trends soon we will be on the edge of food depravation even in Western countries

With the population expected to increase from 7 billion to 8 billion by 2020 the steady food supply should be one of our main concerns.


The soil quality drops, the amount of pesticides used to protect farmland skyrockets. The food borne diseases are second biggest concern to the human health right after drug resistance viruses. How our desire to live long and healthy life fits into what is ahead of us? Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves, our children, to eat and be health?

Humanity must find a new way of production of high-quality food. Fortunately, we already have the solution and its name is greenCUBE.

Scientists in laboratories all around the world

have developed a lot of technologies: Aeroponics, Aquaponics, Biogas, Algae Refinery, LED Technology, Molecular Biology.



Aeroponics – the method of plant cultivation using no grow medium, meaning no soil is required – roots are being merged in mist of water and nutrients. The technology allows up to 8 times growth rate comparing to other techniques. It was originally pioneered by NASA and it now starts to be commercialized.

Aquaponics – is the system that combines the aquaculture with plants cultivation. Plants during growth desired Nitrogen. And there is no better natural Nitrogen resource than fish waste. This system allows both to benefit from each other – fishes produce nutrients, which are toxic to them, plants grow faster and purify the water, which makes everyone grow fast and healthy.

Biogas – scientists engineered processes to convert biomass into the energy and electricity. What better place to utilize those resources than indoor farm? Thanks to years of expertise, organic wastes from the surrounding neighborhood will be converted into energy and CO2 and who can use the CO2 better than plants?

Algae Refinery – those little green organisms can be used to produce the variety of resources starting from biodiesel and leading to food additives. We want to incorporate those little fellows to enhance the energy feasibility of our plant.

LED Technology – the development in light technology allowed to create LED diodes that can produce the light at specific wavelengths. If you combine this technology, with the knowledge of plants physiology you deliver the exact source of light that given plant needs and only those that is consumes. Hurray no energy is wasted! This can save up to 70% percent comparing to traditional indoor light sources. It also allows to control the “day” and “sunlight” all year long. Our plants don’t know what winter means, they enjoy summer all year long!

Molecular Biology – recent developments in molecular biology and plant physiology are scary to most of people and are affiliated with GMO products only. It is high time to prove that molecular biology have more applications and can be used to optimized the plant physiology and help us to achieve the quality of fruits and vegetables beyond our expectations. You don’t believe us? Order greenCUBE products soon and learn on your own.

Are you curious how we combined all those technologies into one greenhouse? Unfortunately, there is far more beyond in terms of technology than above that greenCUBE utilized. Don’t hesitate to go the Contact section, you are just two clicks away from finding out how the farming can be revolutionized. There is more! Now you can still become a part of it – for details visit “What we are looking for” section.


Our society suffers the deprivation of arable land, increased pollution, shortage in access to regionally grown vegetables, decreasing quality of food and increased use of chemicals for food productions as well as boost of food borne diseases. We are what we eat and we want to live long and healthy.


We take a molecular approach to farming, meaning that plant physiology is optimized at every stage of growth, having in mind the taste and quality of product solely. Thanks to greenCUBE new era of premium farming is being born. From now on the greenCUBE will become a supplier of your well-being.


We strive to fulfill our mission through the use of scientific and business competencies of our team to commercialize our unique know-how of producing the bio-food. We translate science, including space technologies to supply our nation with prestige food products.


Our facility will use the cutting edge technology including: aeroponics, aquaponics, molecular biology, plant physiology, civil engineering (cutting-edge greenhouses), space research, algae reactors, biogas and LED lights to create state-of-the-art facility to supply prestige class food products and diet supplements.

Our goal is to commercialize and scale up the lab technology. By creating optimized, fully controlled environment, we will deliver the perfect product. It allows to produce same high-end quality of food 365 days a year, despite of weather, seasons and climate. The era of dull taste of food goes to past as greenCUBE approaches. You are welcome and Bon a Petit!

Our team

We have been friends since early 2000s, meaning that we have known each for +12 years. When our journey started it was just friendship, however when creative people are put together great ideas can be born. Now it is more than friendship – it is a shared goal, same believes and common vision, and it all translates to greenCUBE. Fortunately, in the meantime, each of us developed unique, complimentary set of science, project and business expertise, which lead to group of diverse experts. Over time we evolved from friends to team, team with unique skills, team no headhunter can put together and we are all proud to be part of greenCUBE family.

Mateusz Delekta

Responsible for business development and strategic partnerships. Build 4 oil bases in Iraq, with broad experience in energy, civil engineering and oil & gas industry. Entrepreneur with a proven success record of building company from concept to first 100 clients. Professional trainer in Negotiation, Project Management and Risk Management.

Marcin Marczak

Responsible for Technology and Research. 8 years of experience in Biofuels, 4 years in Molecular Biology and Process Optimization. Currently business and technology analyst in financial institution. Key designer of state of the art facility for production of Medical Marijuana (US). Worked as a Researcher in US and Denmark.

Aneta Michalska

Responsible for administration, management and proposals preparation. Experienced in the space projects in Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP, preparation of the commercialization process within the Proteus project (Integrated mobile system supporting counter- terrorism and crisis actions, the value of the entire project around 17 million of Euro).

What we are looking for?

Strategic Investor who will be able to provide the project with the financial resources

Support in sales and distribution channels, contacts which repeal the new door for us to market entry

Our business plan involves the launch of the sale later this year

 We have also long-term scientific developments goal which will increase the rate of return of the overall project. The research and exact plan for applying for national and international grants has been prepared.